Mama’s Got Swag: PETAL BABIES

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Last week I took my first trip to the Western Fair Farmers Market in London to visit Petal Babies, a little boutique up on the second floor that sells handcrafted, locally made items for babies and children. Finding it was easy – just look for the brightly coloured treasures in the cheeriest store there. For me, it was like being a kid in a candy store. So many adorable things to see like dresses, aprons, tutus, toys, cloth diapers, blankets and hats, oh you have to see the hats.When Meaghan told me she wanted us to try out a beanie and a winter hat, I was more than willing to do that! She showed me to a table with over a dozen colours of handmade beanies were laid out. The beanies come in three sizes and each beanie works with their signature snap system which allows you to embellish it with a variety of decals. With each beanie purchase, you get to choose 3 decals: flowers, crocheted flowers, bears, parrots, turtles, dogs, and corkers. The only downside to this situation is narrowing your choice to only three! The fleece winter hats work in the same way – choose a hat from a variety of colours and the same embellishments can be snapped on to make it unique and stylish.

Let’s face it – southwestern Ontario has all ends of the weather spectrum covered; from -20C in the winter to 40C+ in the summer. These extremes mean that wearing winter hats are as essential as wearing sun hats in the summer. When my first daughter was born, I quickly realized that the best way to ensure that she kept her hats on was to put her in a hat every single time we went outside, so that it was as much a part of our routine as putting on shoes. These beanies are the perfect fall/spring hats for kids. They are beautifully made with just enough stretch and a bit of detailing. They’re big enough to cover the ears to ward off cool-weather chill, or a bit higher for a look similar to a tam. They’re cute, stylish, and with the snap system, you can coordinate them to any outfit or jacket. And really, is there anything more adorable than a toddler in a beanie? I think not.

The winter hats are soft, durable fleece, roomy and warm. They fully cover the forehead and ears, but can also be rolled up without covering the snapped-on decal. Like the beanies, they are perfect for boys or girls of any age.

I was so sold on these adorable beanies that I walked out of the store not only with the beanie and winter hat to test out on my two year old, but also a beanie for my four year old and my baby boy. Oh, and one for each of my two nieces. At $15, tax included, they’re an awesome deal!

I love that the products in this store are locally made, many by Meaghan herself. Supporting other local moms is easy when it’s all in one place! If you can’t get down to London to the Western Fair Farmers Market (which has free parking during the week!), then you can visit the store online at or on facebook If you’re visiting the Western Fair next week, they’ll be set up on the main floor of the Market. Stop in and see the gorgeous products for yourself and make sure you mention that you heard about them here! 

Are you as smitten as I am? Want to get your hands on this swag now? Send an email to with BEANIE in the subject line by 8PM on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 and you could win a beanie and winter hat with embellishments! Emails will be numbered and one will be selected using a random number generator. Good luck!


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