Going Green… or Not

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This time of year, it’s easy to be green. The sun is shining which begs you to walk, ride, and roll to where you’re going instead of driving or staying inside, sucking up electricity.  Local travel wins over long drives and plane rides. Produce is arriving at your doorstep from your neighbourhood farms.  Nature is everywhere, reminding you to take care of it.

On any given sunny day during the spring/summer/fall, you’ll see rows of cloth diapers flying in the breeze on our clothes line.  I currently have two kids in cloth diapers full time and I love it. My father is something of an environmentalist, ahead of his time. I learnt to separate compost from recycling from trash when I was a toddler.  Energy conservation, water conservation, gas conservation – all a part of my upbringing. ’Single use’ ought to be a four letter word in our house.

But despite my father’s best efforts, there are some green habits I just could not get with.  I have some not-so-green guilty habits that aren’t going to be broken anytime soon.  I am uncompromising on hair care.  My hair dryer and flat iron are going nowhere and I’m pretty sure the salon issue, non-recylcable tubed product I use does not make nice with the earth when I wash it out.  I also have far too much clothing than necessary and it goes without saying that I’m plugged in for the majority of the day!

We all have dirty little secrets. What’s yours?  http://forum.waterloo-moms.ca/showthread.php?t=3750

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  1. Jen

    There is a new salon/spa in town that has all green products. I heard about it on 91.5 The Beat. It is called Hybrid Hair & Salon.

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