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Like many Canadian families, our house had the Vancouver 2010 Olympics on TV from morning until well past bedtime for the full duration of the games. Olympic fever hit us hard.  The Canadian pride was contagious all across the country and having athletes from the area only amplified those feelings.  We were enraptured.

One of the things I loved most about the games was the repeated singing of our National Anthem.  It was sung so often that around here it became a nightly lullabye for my kids. Even now, months later, it can still soothe my little boy like no other tune. 

Today, I heard about an interesting study that quizzed 275 highschool choir students from across Canada. Apparently, only 67% knew the words and 46% had the melody correctly.  Long gone are the days of singing every morning with the morning announcements. How do you fair compared to these students? Do you know the words and do your children? 

The words, I have down. The melody… well, I’m lucky if I get the Alphabet Song in tune.  ;)

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