12 Days of Giveaways: Norwex

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These days, everyone wants a clean, chemical-free house. The dangers of traditional cleaning products for your pets, your children, your airways, and your health are the reason for the influx of ‘green’ cleaners and ‘natural’ products. Unfortunately, so many of these ‘green’ cleaners are either not as clean as they claim to be or are made by companies that also produce some of the harshest ‘cleaning’ chemicals available. Norwex is different. By using microfibre cloths that have a silver-based agent embedded in them, you do not need to use chemicals or additional cleaning agents of any kind. The silver smothers the bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. which prevents the cross contamination from surface to surface or to/from your hands.

Over the years, I’ve heard the name Norwex all over the place but I’ve never really known what it was or how it works. I was given an Enviro Cloth to try and I have to say it’s pretty awesome!
The enviro cloth is an incredibly versatile product. An all-purpose antibacterial cleaning cloth that you fold into four, giving you 8 surfaces to clean anything in your home. Just wet the cloth, fold it over twice and start wiping: sinks, toilets, counters, walls, baseboards, tabletops… no products or chemicals needed. Use it on the mirrors or windows and follow with the polishing cloth for the most incredible streak-free shine that won’t have you gasping and choking on harsh sprays. It’s so simple, my son can literally do the cleaning for me without any fear of needing to call poison control later on. They come in four different colours so you can get a full set and have one specific colours for each surface/job, one for each room, one for each kid, one for whatever you want! Check out this video to see the cloth in action!


For giveaway, Farzana has donated a Norwex dishclothg. This loosely-woven, netted Dish Cloth can be used anywhere scrubbing action is needed. Great for removing flour dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking. 100% nylon.


It used to be that giving household items to someone for Christmas was a big taboo…but with Norwex those days are long gone! It really is the ideal gift for the environmentally conscious, the environmentally clueless, the first time homeowner, the young student, your parents, your siblings, your BFF, and even your kids! From stocking stuffers like optic cloths and lint gloves to the ultimate gifts of complete cleaning packages for your car, bathroom, kitchen, and floors, as well as every price point in between. With Norwex, it is possible to get rid of all of your chemical cleaners without breaking the bank!

There is a two year warranty on the cloths and mop systems and a 60 day money back, no hassle guarantee on everything. Let Farzana help you pick the perfect gift for those on your list (or something just for you!)

Contact Farzana Dost to order! You can find her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CleaningForAHealthyHome or at FarzanaDost@gmail.com to order!

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  1. Victoria

    The Oven cleaner for sure! I hate doing it and it always smells so chemically with what I use now that I put it off forever!

  2. emilysofiasmom

    I’ve never tried Norwex, but i’ve heard good things about it

  3. Samantha

    I have never tried the products, but I could see the dryer balls being a nice item to try!

  4. Melissa Powers

    I’ve never tried Norwex but a lot of things sound neat on the webpage

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