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With so many choices out there it can be hard to find a video game that will edutain your kid – educate and entertain!

Munchies’ Lunch is a great game with easy to follow instructions that will work on critical problem solving and spatial awareness. Each level is a different puzzle where Mama munchie has to get the food for her baby munchies before the hungry monster munchies get it! The monster munchies always move in the opposite direction to Mama, it can be tricky navigating the board getting all the food, but there is always a way! Sometimes the moves seem counter intuitive but that’s part of the strategic thinking.

My four year old loves this game and caught on to the concept quick! I love watching her try out different moves getting the food for her hungry munchies babies. With 100 levels for her to master the price is right at $5.99! After she goes to bed and I get my laptop back, then I get my time to play. It’s addictive!

This game was inspired by a son’s respect and love for his Mama when they endured through the Yugoslavian civil war. Despite the hardship of their circumstances, his Mama was always a source of courage, strength and endurance. Just like we are for our munchies babies. Footloose Games is also local! Based in Kitchener-Waterloo you’re keeping your dollars re-circulating in the area.

Want to have a taste of Munchies’ Lunch? Check out the Munchies’ Lunch website to test out the demo version and then enter to win the full version! This time there are FOUR ways to enter to win!

1. LIKE the Munchies’ Facebook page and comment on the wall mentioning that Waterloo-Moms sent you
2. LIKE the Footloose Games Facebook page and comment on the wall mentioning that Waterloo-Moms sent you
3. LIKE the Waterloo-Moms Facebook page and comment on the wall mentioning this review
4. Send an email to with MUNCHIES in the subject line

Contest closes May 19, 2011 at 8pm. Good luck and happy gaming!

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