It’s election time!

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Tomorrow is the day! Monday, May 2, 2011 is your next chance to  participate a federal election here in Canada. It’s a right that we have  fought for and that many would love to have! Your vote can influence so  many parts of your life.

If you are still unsure of who you should vote for, come follow some of  the discussions happening in our forum!   There is still time to  ask questions, compare party lines, discuss candidates and even find out  where and how to vote. Also check out which parties match your own  closely by taking the quiz at VoteCompass.

After you have voted, come join the party as we anxiously follow the  results. Cheer, commiserate, whine, gloat – whether you vote NDP,  Liberal, Conservative, Green, strategic, or just refuse your ballot, we  will be ready to break it down and dissect the future of our wonderful  country.

Make your voice heard! VOTE!

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