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Mom’s who blog are taking over the world, did you know? There are websites, communities, conferences, and plenty of links to prove it. Not sure what the whole blogging rage is all about? Let me catch you up.

Blogs (or weB LOGS) are like an online journal where one (or more) writer just lets the world know what they’re thinking about. Blogs have many purposes and styles. Here are some of the popular mom styles along with some examples from our very own talented moms.

Family Blogs: You know how it is – your sisters, your brothers, your parents, your aunts and uncles, and your best friend from highschool all live in a different city from you. You really truly intended to stay in touch with them all when you became a mom and you probably do have the time to call or send out individual emails, but… instead you spend your free time doing something else. And so the family blog is born. It’s a simple way to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with your growing family, all at once, pictures and videos included! Your loved ones can also start their own blogs, you follow each other and a happy little blogging community is born.

The Greener side

Balkan Style

It’S jUst mY LiFe…

The Butterfly Effect

Letters to Your Children: One of my favourite blog ideas is to write letters to your children. Pen and paper is nice, scrapbooking is pretty, but blogging is neat and tidy and allows you to add pictures as well even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body. A quick note here and there allows you to document your child’s growth and development in an incredible keepsake that they will one day treasure… or maybe not, but once they have kids they’ll appreciate it! ;) Pregnancy, birth, their first giggle, the night they didn’t sleep and you wanted to cry, the funny things they say, the sweet things they do, how challenging they are as a two, five, seven, twelve, fifteen year old, and the time they did that thing that you were SURE you would never look back on and laugh, but you’re going to write it down just in case it soon becomes funny. Life passes by quickly, but nothing passes as quickly as childhood.

Special Needs Blogs: As the mother of a child with special needs, there is nothing more isolating than receiving a diagnosis and having no idea where to turn, who to talk to, what to ask and most importantly: what it means for your family. When my baby was diagnosed the first thing I googled was ‘spina bifida’. The second thing I googled was ‘spina bifida mom blogs’. Doctors and specialists can only tell you what they know. Other moms will tell you how it really is. Suddenly, you are less alone. Other moms are living your life, right now, and they’re writing it all down to help you out. They’re confused, they’re triumphant, they’re laughing and they’re crying, but also they are linked in to each other. Your online support team awaits. Tell your story and join the party.

The Little King

Lilia Christine..Miracle Child

Following Baby Benjamin

Photography Blogs: Have you heard of the 365 challenge? One picture a day, every day for a year. Post it. One year later you have a photo journal of your life. There are photo challenges to give you inspiration and no fancy camera is needed. From point and shoot to amateur to professional, just upload and share your life.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!!

Parenting Blogs: Come on, kids are funny, they’re weird, they’re challenging. They will provide endless amounts of material for you to write about. Got kids? Blog about it. Other moms will commiserate. Non-moms will laugh and then stock up on birth control.

The Monkeys In My Head ?

Special Interest Mom Blogs: Are you an army wife? Dealing with infertility? Trying to be crunchy in a soggy, soggy world? Doing it all on your own? Chances are you’ve got a story to tell. Here is where your opinions and your insights, your challenges and anxieties can flow out and find a voice.

Culinary Taste

Homeschooling adventures…

Lifestyle Blogs: One of the best things you can do for yourself when making a lifestyle change is to share it with others and make yourself accountable. Be inspiring! Whether you’re losing weight, training for a marathon or going green throughout your house, blog about it and share how you made it happen.

Giveaway Blogs: The newest and fastest form of advertising for companies is low effort on their part! Just get someone to try out your product and tell the world about it on their blog – sweeten the deal by giving them two so they can give one away. Have an opinion on stuff in your house? Contact the company and spread the word.


Mompreneur Blogs: Make stuff? Sell something? Blog about it! Show how great it is and tell the world how you use it on a daily basis. Nothing sells like enthusiasm.

Inspired? Thinking about starting your own blog?

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to blog about, decide where you’re going to blog from. Blogger (blogspot) is simple, popular and easily personable. WordPress, livejournal and caringbridge are also popular options.

Putting your blog out there is the next thing to consider. On Blogger you have the option of making it a public blog (anyone in the world can see it) or private (no one can see it) or somewhere in between. Family blogs can be restricted to family members, blogs for your children can be completely private, or your blog can be out there for the whole world to appreciate. If you go the public route, spread the link around. Add it to your sig, tweet about it, post it on Facebook. While there are stories of blogs-gone-viral, they are few and far between. There are something like 150 million blogs out there, so the odds of yours turning into the Next Big Thing are pretty slim. Blog for yourself, first. Don’t get hung up on who is reading or the fact that no one is. Keep at it and eventually you’ll get an audience.

Not interested in blogging? It’s easy to sign up with Blogger or through email to ‘follow’ blog posts from your favourite bloggers. Like reading a novel in slow motion, blogs can be a great read. Come talk to us about your favourite blogs here or share your own link to your blog here:

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