Tweetstock 4

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springforwardI was totally exhausted from being away from home since early Tuesday but I’d already bought tickets for Tweetstock in Brantford so I made the trip from Waterloo not entirely sure of what to expect.

I wasn’t really in the mood to socialize when I arrived, which isn’t the best for a networking opportunity so I took my seat and was pleasantly surprized by the entertainment leading up to the speakers. His name is Dan Carrillo and you should definately check him out on youtube here Dan is a super friendly guy, I know cause he kindly put up with me talking to him all through his dinner at the after party. :) He promised to be on twitter by the end of the night and he’s been tweeting away ever since… You can find him there under the handle @theunbornband, I think he’ll be worth keeping an eye on to see where his music career goes. Keep it up Dan, I’ve been listening to you all day!

We started the evening with Mayor Chris Friel who was recently re-elected. He shared how he was able to use facebook to strategically target the right demographics for an ad leading up to his win. He tweets but you’re not likely to get his attention at his old handle @chrisfriel since he’s spending all his time tweeting on his new one….. @mayorchrisfriel GO MAYOR FRIEL!!

Aaron from the Stratford festival was up next and it was amazing to hear how they have wholeheartedly embraced the age of social media to promote their shows and interact with their consumers! They have a facebook page!/StratfordFestival and of course they do twitter as well …. @stratfestaaron Here’s a little tip for anyone looking to score some great seats..join their facebook and twitter pages for advance purchasing opportunities! (don’t forget to buy an extra ticket for me too though please, I promise not to tweet through the performance…maybe…unless it’s really good and I just can’t wait to tell people about it!)

Moving along we got to Kevin “A” Magee who really knew how to work the room. His presentation starts with the disclaimer that he is both happily married and gainfully employed. He wishes to remain so on both accounts so the opinions expressed during his talk are his alone. Ask for the universe and settle for the world right Kevin? Think big, then think bigger! If you ever get the opportunity to hear Kevin, he’s very funny and engaging. He asked for anyone who ever volunteered anywhere to put up their hands, keep them in the air and then “high five the hell out of each other” It was great! Kevin was another of the great guys who not only tolerated my presence through their dinner but also shared all sorts of sites and apps he uses for business. He might regret giving me his email address in the days to come! ;) @kevinamagee

Kathy Buckworth gave us a dose of what women really want, and how that may be different than what men think women really want. Amazing isn’t it that there is a difference? Ladies, you still remember the “have a happy period commercials”? Wonder who came up with that idea?

Finally the moment we’d all been waiting for had arrived, door prizes…oh sorry I meant to say Scott Stratten, our key note speaker! Scott is hilarious, and he makes sense! What a wicked combo and a pleasure to listen to. Scott had been sick for three days and still managed to knock off a killer presentation with ease. I think the single most significant thing I learned from Scott was that it’s not about sending out random useless tweets all day long but rather about building relationships and having conversations. He has something like 70000 tweets and 75% of them are replies. SNAP! (haha ;) )Why didn’t I think of that? I’m to busy deciding if what I have to say is tweet worthy when I should be paying attention to what all of you are saying. Thanks to Scott, I’m listening now! Oh and Scott, my apologies for questioning whether or not you attended the singles encounter with the “hands on experience”, we’ll let you keep some things a secret. ;) You can follow Scott at @unmarketing and see for yourself why people really respect what this guy has to say.

As great as all the speakers were we all know how much work goes into such an event so it wouldn’t be right to not acknowledge all the organizers as well. You did a great job and your passion for the subject matter shows. Trevor @trevor_cherewka, Lucas @octopusred, Scott @unmarketing, I’m not kidding when I tell you that you need to bring your show on the road. 

 Follow @tweetstockca for details on tweetstock5 and check out #tweetstock4 for all the chatter about last night’s event. @DJMelissa deserves a mention as well for being an awesome MC, nice chatting with you again Melissa! Stephen @stephendostal, I can’t believe I almost left, thanks for stopping me, it was a great night! Lucas, I wouldn’t have been able to follow all my new friends without your help figuring out how to work twitter on my IPHONE (that’s right people, I couldn’t figure it out on my own) so a special thanks goes out to you for that and again, for letting me crash your dinner.

It just goes to show that you never know how your night’s going to turn out and what connections you’ll make each day. Thanks again to everyone who made sure I had a fantastic night!

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