Monthly Archives: January 2012

Do your kids love Nutella? Mine does. Not sure why though…I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a jar of the stuff (ever). Hmm….must be the commercials that have told her that she loves it. Anyways, I saw an article about Homemade Nutella in the Huffington Post and thought I’d give it a shot. Who doesn’t … Continued

Feeding the Birds

I am super lazy about filling up the bird feeder in the winter. Trudging through the snow in my backyard is no picnic. However, I have no problem throwing some impromptu bird-feeding thing-a-ma-jigs in the trees in my front yard. And making them keeps bored children busy. Even the littlest tot can enjoy making these. … Continued

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful members at! We’ve made it through another year and I certainly wouldn’t have managed without the help of some very special ladies here! Meg is our wonderful SuperMod who is often left to deal with the site without me at times and no matter what else … Continued