Monthly Archives: May 2010

May Babies

Congratulations to the new Waterloo-Mommy’s! Bronwynr, cales 76, and kmbear have all welcomed new babies into their families this month.  We hope you are all enjoying your new bundles of love and that your babymoon lasts the whole year!   ~ latte

Going Green… or Not

This time of year, it’s easy to be green. The sun is shining which begs you to walk, ride, and roll to where you’re going instead of driving or staying inside, sucking up electricity.  Local travel wins over long drives and plane rides. Produce is arriving at your doorstep from your neighbourhood farms.  Nature is … Continued

Oh, Canada

Like many Canadian families, our house had the Vancouver 2010 Olympics on TV from morning until well past bedtime for the full duration of the games. Olympic fever hit us hard.  The Canadian pride was contagious all across the country and having athletes from the area only amplified those feelings.  We were enraptured. One of … Continued