12 Days of Giveaways: Grand Prize!

It’s finally here! After 12 Days of AMAZING gifts, we have arrived at the big finale: the Grand Prize. I hope you’ve been keeping track of the 15 reviews that we’ve posted over the last 12 days, because here is your chance at winning the Grand Prize! What is in this fabulous Grand Prize? I’m … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Maplelea Girls

I remember the first time I saw a Maplelea doll. It was in December of 2009 at an extended family Christmas party. My own daughter was just shy of her first birthday at the time. Her cousin was about 6 and when she arrived carrying this beautiful doll she brought it straight to me. She … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Starrie Night Photography

Diane Martins is owner and photographer for Starrie Night Photography. A stay at home mom to one cute little boy, she’s always had a passion and an eye for photography and has recently decided to make it her reality. Specializing in natural light photography, Diane primarily photographs families and children/babies, capturing fun, candid moments. A few … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Thirty-One Gifts

Have you heard of the company Thirty-One Gifts? They’ve been around in the US for a number of years but only recently expanded to Canada. They aim to simplify life with a product line featuring utility, purses, totes, accessories, monogramming, personalization, women’s accessories, men’s accessories and more. Thirty-One offers many customizable products focused on making … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Playfit Kids Club

Playfit Kids Club is located in Cambridge on Hespler Rd across from the Cambridge Centre. They offer drop in play 7 days a week! At PLAYFIT Kids Club, they strive to offer positive play experiences for children ranging from newborn to 12 years old! They offer quality service and programming to promote the importance of … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Home Education Resource Emporium

Home Education Resource Emporium offers educational items at thrift store prices. Some items are new, some are used, but all are meant to help combine fun and learning. Sandra creates the most amazing bundles to keep learning fun. Literacy bundles, Learning loot bags, to brainy bundles and book sets – Sandra really does have it … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Norwex

These days, everyone wants a clean, chemical-free house. The dangers of traditional cleaning products for your pets, your children, your airways, and your health are the reason for the influx of ‘green’ cleaners and ‘natural’ products. Unfortunately, so many of these ‘green’ cleaners are either not as clean as they claim to be or are … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Clips n’ Things

My 3-year-old daughter has long, thick, curly hair and it’s a struggle every day to convince her to let me brush it. But the hair accessories from Clips n Things have made things a lot easier; she now asks me to do her hair! I received a very nice variety package to review. Included was … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Epicure

Epicure was founded almost 20 years ago in Victoria, BC by a working mother who just wanted an easier way to feed her family healthy food. What started with her 4 spice collections has quickly become Canada’s largest direct sales company. Did you know that it’s a 100% Canadian owned family business? I think that’s … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Uppercase Living

Uppercase Living® was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating an inspiring decorative medium that would allow customers to transform their spaces into a reflection of themselves. This vision was delivered through beautiful decorative lettering and embellishments sold through in-home parties, called Open Houses. These expressions could be applied quickly and easily to walls, … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways: Arbonne with Kristy Mallet

The importance of using natural, green products is everywhere right now. Until I had my son I was completely oblivious to the potential harm that everyday products could do. In an effort to reduce the risk of harmful consequences, I’m on a never-ending mission to find natural/safe/green products to replace the ones I currently use. … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways – Frocks For’Tots

If your kids are anything like mine, they just won’t stop growing! I have a hard time keeping him in clothes that fit, and an even harder time trying to justify paying retail prices for clothing that will fit for less than a month. When I happened to come across Frocks For’Tots on Facebook I … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways – The Shampoo Hat

When I first saw this product I thought what a wonderful idea and could not wait to review for it! My youngest just turned 3 and he hates having his hair washed – you can’t lay him down in the tub, you can’t pour water over his head – it’s always such a fight for … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways- Peekaboo Beans with Kirsten King

I first discovered Peekaboo Beans a few months ago at my son’s school fun fair. I instantly fell in love with the bright colours, high-quality fabrics and stylish designs. Since then, I have been coveting every item in the Peekaboo Beans catalogue. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to review a couple … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways – Just Baked

Ashley is the creative genius behind Just Baked. A busy mom of four boys, Ashley spends her evenings and weekends whipping up the most amazing masterpieces – some so detailed it breaks your heart to make the first cut. We’ve done store bought cakes, and the “made by mom” cakes (that somehow never turn out … Continued

12 Days of Giveaways – Scentsy with Megan Duquette

Scentsy began with a simple idea—a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles—and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies. This wickless concept was born when two stay-at-home moms began selling decorative warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame. … Continued

Win a Barbie Prize Pack

My daughter has just turned three and if there is one thing she just loves it’s the pretty mermaid barbie she watches in the first mermaid tale video! She’ll be so excited to find out there is not only a new movie but also a lovely Barbie mermaid doll for her to play with. Here’s … Continued

Family Day at Cobble Hills!!

Waterloo-Moms members (all members) get 10% off lessons anytime! You also get the special thursday night lift and rentals package for $31 adults and $26.50 every evening Tuesday to Thursday. Sign in with your username and email address to get the discount and you are also entered to WIN a season’s pass for the 2012/2013 … Continued

Do your kids love Nutella? Mine does. Not sure why though…I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a jar of the stuff (ever). Hmm….must be the commercials that have told her that she loves it. Anyways, I saw an article about Homemade Nutella in the Huffington Post and thought I’d give it a shot. Who doesn’t … Continued

Feeding the Birds

I am super lazy about filling up the bird feeder in the winter. Trudging through the snow in my backyard is no picnic. However, I have no problem throwing some impromptu bird-feeding thing-a-ma-jigs in the trees in my front yard. And making them keeps bored children busy. Even the littlest tot can enjoy making these. … Continued

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful members at Waterloo-Moms.ca! We’ve made it through another year and I certainly wouldn’t have managed without the help of some very special ladies here! Meg is our wonderful SuperMod who is often left to deal with the site without me at times and no matter what else … Continued

Waterloo-Moms.ca fall sale September 10, 2011

It’s that time again…..already! I can barely believe it! We will now accept reservations for tables and racks for the fall sale. Please email Meg at meg@momperks.ca. PM’s will not count as a reservation as it is too easy to miss them. Please include the following information Your Name Your Username Personal or Busines table … Continued

Rainy Day Fun!

We all know how long the excitment of finishing up the school year lasts and I’m sure if your kids are anything like mine you’ve already heard the occasional “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing to do”! Somehow my helpful solution of working together to tackle the mess in the playroom is met with a suddenly … Continued


Is your child a mini-Picasso? Your teen the Next Best Thing in the art world? Tired of sneakily tossing armfuls of artwork in the trash, but have no idea how to preserve it otherwise? Or perhaps you’re just tired of trying to come up with gifts for all of the people in your children’s life. … Continued

Babywearing by Meg~

I bet some of you are thinking what the heck is babywearing? Well, babywearing is the act of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier. Babywearing has been practiced for decades all over the world, however in the last few years it has certainly gained popularity due … Continued


Sex! Yeah, we said SEX! In the timeless words of Salt’n’Pepa: let’s talk about sex, baby! Waterloo moms are having sex. Good sex, bad sex, bland sex, rock-your-socks sex. Sex with men, sex with women, sex with ourselves. Sex with toys, sex with the lights on, sex with the lights off, sex in every room, … Continued

Mother’s Day

To all of the amazing Waterloo Moms, Moms-to-be, Wannabe Moms, Step-Moms, Mother’s-in-Law, and Grandmothers who make Waterloo-Moms the fabulous place it is:

It’s election time!

Tomorrow is the day! Monday, May 2, 2011 is your next chance to  participate a federal election here in Canada. It’s a right that we have  fought for and that many would love to have! Your vote can influence so  many parts of your life. If you are still unsure of who you should vote … Continued

Mom Bloggers

Mom’s who blog are taking over the world, did you know? There are websites, communities, conferences, and plenty of links to prove it. Not sure what the whole blogging rage is all about? Let me catch you up. Blogs (or weB LOGS) are like an online journal where one (or more) writer just lets the … Continued

Tweetstock 4

I was totally exhausted from being away from home since early Tuesday but I’d already bought tickets for Tweetstock in Brantford so I made the trip from Waterloo not entirely sure of what to expect. I wasn’t really in the mood to socialize when I arrived, which isn’t the best for a networking opportunity so … Continued

Planning your Family Vacation

With March Break fast approaching and many of our families excited to get away for some much needed rest, relaxation or excitement we thought we’d share some of our tips for making it through the ordeal! Let’s face it with five kids I’m not expecting to have much down time but I do hope to … Continued

Get ready to SHOP!!

We are currently planning our first Mom to Mom Sale for Waterloo-moms.ca and should be able to provide the date (April) and details very soon! We host twice annual sales in London currently that are so popular that our tables are sold out within a week and our sale is lined up around the school … Continued

Protecting your child on the internet

The internet is a place of wondrous and terrifying things; and the duties as a parent in protecting your child grow with the growth of technology. We can access the Internet of our phones, laptops, iPods, computers and even the Wii. Here are some tips i have put together to give you a hand; if … Continued


 Do you ever see professional photo’s of people’s children and just fall in love with the hats and accessories that the photographer has used? Ever wonder where they find them? Ever wonder how you can get your hands on them? Well, Mama’s, I can hook you up. Lesley Bender-Fair Designs is the brainchild of three … Continued


EPICURE SELECTIONS I think I first heard about Epicure 5 years ago or so, but it has taken me this long to ever actually find out what it is or how to use it. Am I the last one on the planet to discover Epicure? It seems like it because whenever I mention to someone … Continued

Mama’s Got Swag: ARBONNE

Arbonne I first heard about Arbonne through Facebook. A friend of mine had just had her third baby and while searching for more natural products to use on him, she discovered Arbonne.  She was so sold on the products, she became a consultant. She posted about how Arbonne was pure, safe, beneficial, and all of the … Continued

Mama’s Got Swag: PETAL BABIES

PETAL BABIES Last week I took my first trip to the Western Fair Farmers Market in London to visit Petal Babies, a little boutique up on the second floor that sells handcrafted, locally made items for babies and children. Finding it was easy – just look for the brightly coloured treasures in the cheeriest store there. … Continued

Mama’s Got Swag!

Waterloo-Moms and LondonMoms are so excited to introduce a new element to the sites!  Busy moms know how hard it is to do the research and find cool stuff for themselves, for the kids, for the house, right? Who has the time? Leave it up to us!  Check out the new Product and Service Review … Continued

Things are Blooming!

We’re right in the thick of summer. Heat, humidity, horrible hydro hikes… but there’s also swimming, sunshine, and sunkissed sweethearts! Speaking of sweethearts, a HUGE Waterloo-Mom’s congratulations to KRYS_TINA who welcomed a baby boy in June and MOMOFTHREECUTIES who welcomed a baby girl in July.  Enjoy your babymoon ladies!  Are you expecting soon? Join our Monthly Expecting … Continued

May Babies

Congratulations to the new Waterloo-Mommy’s! Bronwynr, cales 76, and kmbear have all welcomed new babies into their families this month.  We hope you are all enjoying your new bundles of love and that your babymoon lasts the whole year!   ~ latte

Going Green… or Not

This time of year, it’s easy to be green. The sun is shining which begs you to walk, ride, and roll to where you’re going instead of driving or staying inside, sucking up electricity.  Local travel wins over long drives and plane rides. Produce is arriving at your doorstep from your neighbourhood farms.  Nature is … Continued

Happy Spring Waterloo-Moms!!

 As the warm weather approaches there are many exciting things  in the works for our members.  Currently, a poll is running to pick a date for a meet and greet picnic this summer. With over 500 members to our group, this would be a fabulous opportunity to come out, bring the family and meet others in … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving Waterloo Region!!

What a beautiful time of year to be thankful. Thankful for the changing leaves, the fall harvest, the time with family and friends! Take a moment this weekend to consider all the things and people in  your life that you are thankful for. Make sure you spend as much time as you can and share your … Continued